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Since 1996, ECO Restoration Society volunteers have cleaned up thousands of tons of illegally dumped trash and tires from the delicate Sonoran Desert. ECO’s recycling education organization, the Recycling Association of Maricopa (RAM), provides recycling education and resource conservation information to Maricopa residents, schools, and businesses. Both of these organizations primarily serve a rural 400 square-mile area south of Phoenix, AZ. ECO One Earth Products "Products for a Sustainable Future" are developed locally from post-consumer recycled materials and marketed nationally to promote the “buy recycled” message. ECO serves the entire state of Arizona through assisting organizations and schools with environmental stewardship consultation & educational programs as well as mentoring at-risk individuals through our Community Service Program.


One Earth Products


Restoration Society 

The Recycling Association of Maricopa 

"Products for a Sustainable Future" are made from post-consumer recycled materials by local artists

& artisans.

ECO Restoration Society (ERS) was created to assist in the clean up and restoration of a critically threatened riparian wildlife habitat area.  ​

The Recycling Association of Maricopa (RAM) provides recycling education and information to Maricopa residents, schools and businesses.

Providing environmental stewardship &

sustainable community development since 1996